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    Whether you are new to Lansing, new to our church, new to anything Catholic, or new to anything Christian, we invite you to explore along with us what God is saying to you and how He is acting in your life. This is the place to get started.
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  • Latest News from Fr. John

    • September 21
      This Sunday's Gospel passage from Matthew 20:1-16a ruffles the feathers of many listeners because of the wanton unfairness that seems present in the landowner's payment of the workers in the vineyard. How can he justify...
    • September 14
      Today Catholics the world over celebrate the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. The Church's designation of the cross as "holy" is surely not what the Romans had in mind as they used it as a form of capital punishment. Death on a cross was reserved for slaves, rebels and criminals. It was a terrible, shameful...