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    /slideshows/homeCustom1230x615/faithfest-2.jpg FAITHFEST 2016 - Featuring Matt Maher & many other bands including St. Gerard's own Kate Baumer To order tickets or for more info. http://www.faithfest16.com/lineup.html _blank
  • Summer Church Updates

    Artistic Windows
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  • St. Gerard Youth Ministry

    The summer is a busy time for our youth ministry program. We provide many opportunities to deepen their faith and build their leadership skills. On Friday, June 17, we have 5 teens and 2 adults from St. Gerard going to the Steubenville Conference at Franciscan University in Ohio. This is a Conference that truly deepens the faith of teens that attend and allow them to understand the amazing role God plays in their life.
    We have 10 teens and a few adults taking part of the Diocesan Youth Leadership Camp that begins on June 19. This camp builds their leadership skills in a vast way so they are able to spread the word of God to all they encounter, and in turn build up more disciples of Jesus. This is the 31 st anniversary of DYLC and St. Gerard has sent teens to camp every year. Over its 31 year history, St. Gerard has sent more teens to DYLC than any other parish. Please pray for those attending these events that they grow in their faith and are given the ability to share it.
  • Thank You Cecelia!

    For over 30 years, Cecelia Costigan has served at St. Gerard as the Director of Music. At the end of June Cecelia is retiring. Over the next few weeks please take time to thank her for her many years of service to St. Gerard. We wish Cecelia the best and know she will enjoy her retirement.

  • Vacation Bible School

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