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    Whether you are new to Lansing, new to our church, new to anything Catholic, or new to anything Christian, we invite you to explore along with us what God is saying to you and how He is acting in your life. This is the place to get started.
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  • Parish Projects!

    The organ upgrades are coming along very nicely. The front is nearly completed, but there is still work being done behind the wall, where the majority of our organ pipes are installed. Thanks to all involved and for your continued patience as we complete these projects!

    New organ pipes

  • CNN Documentary on Priests from Lansing

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  • Latest News from Fr. John

    • November 16
      Yesterday, a number of parishioners, including young people, gathered for our second Service Saturday. The volunteers raked a number of lawns near St. Gerard Church to let our neighbors know that our care extends beyond the walls of the church. As we approach the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons...
    • November 10
      Ezekiel 47, the first reading for this weekend's liturgy, provides the prophet's vision of a future temple to be built in Jerusalem on the ruins of the one that was destroyed by the Babylonians. He envisions a temple from which water flows through the Arabah into the salt waters (Dead Sea). Wherever the water flows, life springs forth. In the desert...